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Terms and conditions


Please review The wild food kitchen Co.’s Special Event and Wedding Catering terns and conditions The following terms and conditions are established to assist you in arranging your event. These terms and conditions are intended to ensure the highest level of quality in your food & beverage services. Your event will be confirmed when you have read and signed the following policies, and supplied The wild food kitchen Co. with a 30%-50% estimated deposit.   
Guaranteed Attendance   
The wild food kitchen guarantees full attendance on the day. If any cancellation is made by wild food kitchen after booking has been made a 100% refund will be issued. If the event is cancelled by the client however the deposit will be retained for loss and damages.
For groups up to 25 guests: Final guest count for an event must be received 2 full working days prior to the event. This count becomes your guaranteed number and is not subject to reduction without approval from wild food kitchens Event Coordinator. An increase to your guaranteed number above 10% is subject to approval from the Event Coordinator.   
For groups above 25 guests: Final guest count for an event must be received 14 full working days prior to the event. This count becomes your guaranteed number and is not subject to reduction. If attendance is more than 10% above the guaranteed number, we will make every effort to accommodate your group. However, The wild food kitchen Co. cannot guarantee the availability of additional items as specified in the original order and substitutions may be made accordingly.   
Late Bookings   
We encourage you to reserve and book your date as soon as possible. Dates will not be held or reserved until a contract is signed and the estimated 50% deposit is made. We reserve the right to refuse events that are requested late or exceed our capacity to provide service.   
Payments and Deposits   
Billing arrangements for all events must be made in accordance with the policies set out below, unless otherwise negotiated. A 50% estimated non refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. An additional 50% deposit is due no less than 30 days prior to the event date. Balance of payment must be paid prior to service, unless otherwise specified and arranged. We accept BACS, cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard.  
If for any reason the client is to cancel the event after booking has been made the wild food kitchen reserves the right to retain any deposit paid for late payment for liquidated damages. 
Unused Food and Beverage   
It is our policy that any leftover food and beverage would be removed by The wild food kitchen Catering Co. for public safety and general insurance liability purposes. If the client would like to retain any leftovers, arrangements must be made through the Event Coordinator prior to the event. If so, we will leave or pack leftovers that are considered safe to consume in the containers provided by the client. However, due to the extended room temperatures and holding conditions that each event may present, we do not recommend keeping leftover food.   
Should the client request to retain any leftovers; the client must agree to assume full responsibility for proper refrigeration and storage of the food and for proper reheating following food safety guidelines. Our experienced catering staff will determine the health safety of all leftover food. A Waiver form will be provided to the client at the event and must be signed prior to the client receiving any leftovers.   

We reserve the right to charge for missing and/or damaged linens or equipment attributed to individuals attending a catered event. A final bill for any damaged and/or missing linens or equipment will be sent to the client within 14 days following the event. Payment is due upon receipt.   
Meal Service   
Meals are served promptly as scheduled. We allow for 1 hour of service for breakfast and lunch events and 1.5 hours of service for dinner events when the guest count is over 100 people. Changes to service hours can be requested, but must be approved in advance by The wild food kitchens Event Coordinator. No event will be permitted to run over the time agreed upon.   
Delinquent Accounts   
The wild food kitchen reserves the right to apply finance charges on any amount unpaid when due at an interest rate of 1.5% per month. In the event that The wild food kitchen Co. must seek legal remedies to complete execution of this contract, the client agrees to pay for all solicitor fees.  

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