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Big Pan Dishes to wow your event

Whether its Paella, Thai curry, Dahl or tagine we can provide a big pan dish will not only taste amazing but will look spectacular at your wedding or event.

Big pan dishes look great at an event and with with our wild twist you have all the right ingredients to really wow your guests.


some examples of what we can do...


  • Cornish wild venison Moroccan slow cooked tagine served with rose petal couscous and pomegranate salad.

  • (other options include lamb, chicken, rabbit and butternut veg.)

  • Seafood and wild crayfish paella with wild pheasant (many paella options are available)

  • Butternut squash and sweet potato tagine with couscous and harissa.

  • Pumpkin paella with garden veg and samphire

  • Monkfish Thai curry with Thai Jasmine rice.

  • Veggie dahl with homemade flat breads and mint yogurt dressing

  • Seafood curry with basmati rice and homemade breads and sauces.

  • Cornish goat tagine with couscous, harissa, mint yogurt and flat breads.

  •  Wild venison chocolate chilli with rice, and salsa verde.

  • Bunny chow (slow cooked mutton curry served in and bread bowl with salads and garnish.)

  • Organic Beef meatballs in homemade tomato and garlic sauce and organic pasta.

  • Cornish free range chicken with deli farm chorizo paella.

  • Creamy chicken carinaria with bacon and parmesan.

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