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Our HY van

      Over the last year we have worked busily to get our new Citroen HY van ready for the summer. A full kitchen/bar has been fitted fitted into this beautiful vintage van so he is ready to serve our wild street food,cocktails and special treats at festivals, weddings and parties in and around the Southwest.


     The HY van is a classic vehicle of French automotive history, they were used for anything from carrying wine in vineyards to police vans to horse boxes and their boxy corrugated shape made them perfect for the task.


      Our horse box van or ‘Hercules’ as he’s becoming known will be perfect for all types of events in and around Cornwall and we hope that you love him as much as we do when you see us at festivals or your own event!

wedding catering cornwall
wedding Catering Cornwall HY van
Wild Food Catering Cornwall HY van
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